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What should I do if I land an internship?

Congratulations! Landing an internship is a step forward for your career. Take the initiative to work hard, and make Brooklyn College proud!

  • If an employer offers academic credit as a form of compensation, students must get authorization from their academic department prior to starting the internship
  • To help fund an unpaid internship, apply for an internship stipend (prior to the semester you will intern).
  • After you complete the internship, email intern@brooklyn.cuny.edu if you have positive or constructive feedback about an internship.
  • Conduct yourself professionally by honoring the expectations and responsibilities of the internship. You are not only representing yourself but also Brooklyn College.  You are strongly encouraged to review our tips on how to be a great intern to help you make a positive impression. A positive impression can lead to a job or a great referral.

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