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What are some important resources to use for Students considering Interning Abroad?

Work Permit & Visa Requirements 

Legal requirements are specific to each country, but you will most likely have to apply for a work permit and/or visa. Apart from finding a work abroad opportunity, completing the proper paperwork is the next step in your preparation – Do not underestimate the importance of such documents and the time & effort it might take to secure them. 

If you find your international opportunity through one of the International Exchange Organizations, they may be able to arrange all the paperwork for you. However, a fee may be charged. These prices vary depending on the organization so you should spend some time “comparison shopping”. 

If you find the opportunity by yourself, you can either ask your overseas employer for assistance or the host country’s consulate for visa/work permit application process and documents.  

The following U.S. Department of State site will provide you with work permit or visa information: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas.html 

To find out if you need a visa in the European Union, please visit:  


In addition, you will need to visit the consulate of your host country to review all work permit or visa requirements. You may view a list of all consulates here: 


Scholarship Resources 

Working abroad requires financial commitments by students who may have limited resources. For students seeking financial resources to support international work experience, you will need to search for available scholarships offered for this type of placement. 

     The following list of work abroad scholarships that students can review: 

Boren: http://borenawards.org 

Consulate of Japan in Detroit: https://www.detroit.us.emb-japan.go.jp/en/culture/index.htm  

Critical Language: http://www.clscholarship.org/ Daad: https://www.daad.org/de/foerderung-finden/ 

Diversity Abroad: http://www.diversityabroad.com/scholarships 

Foundation for Global Scholars: http://www.foundationforglobalscholars.org/  

National Italian-American Foundation:  

  • https://www.niaf.org/programs/niaf-grants/ 
  • https://www.niaf.org/programs/scholarships/  

Fundraising Resources 

Fundraising is a great way to help fund the costs associated with studying abroad. 

Reach out to family, friends and your local community to ask for donations. Use storytelling and passion to express why you want to go to the destination abroad, considering questions like how this experience will impact your future. Be sure to indicate a specific amount and where people can donate. 

You can use fundraising websites such as GoFundMe, FundMyTravel or PayPal to receive donations. Other great ways to fundraise include bake sales, car washes or garage sales. Here is a list of fundraising resources that you can use: 

FundMyTravel: http://www.fundmytravel.com/ 

GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com 

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