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How can students stand-out while in an internship?

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Stay Organized: 

  • Use a to do list to keep track of all your projects and tasks 
  • Keep a journal of things you’ve accomplished 
  • Be punctual and dependable 
  • Follow up when necessary and follow through on things you have been asked to complete 
  • Respond promptly to e-mails and other messages 

Be Professional: 

  • If you don’t like someone, keep it to yourself 
  • Don’t discuss confidential information 
  • Consider your online presence 
  • Deal with issues appropriately  

Avoid the following: 

  • Inappropriate comments, behaviors, gestures, or jokes 
  • Alcohol at social events 
  • Foul language (curse words) 
  • Altercations or arguments 
  • Forwarding joke e-mails to people at work 
  • Handling personal matters at work 
  • Gossiping about anyone or joining in on “gripe sessions” 

Manage Your Work: 

  • Mistakes might happen. Take responsibility for them immediately and determine a way to not make the same mistake twice.  
  • Don’t be defensive when you receive negative feedback. 
  • Don’t say I can’t do this; I have too much work. 
  • Think before presenting your ideas or assignments written or verbally. 

Manage Relationships:

During your experience you will be exposed to professionals that can be added to your network and provide you with valuable career insights. Review our networking basics and information on informational interviews (which are opportunities for you to network, ask questions and gain insights into a professional’s career). Some internships might create opportunities for you to network, otherwise you can ask colleagues if they can tell you more about their career.

  • Get to know the people in the office 
  • Find a mentor 
  • Congratulate those who did a good job  
  • Network at company events 
  • Treat everyone with respect no matter the level 

Make Your Bosses’ Job Easier: 

  • Need minimal supervision   
  • Be an ally to your boss  
  • Never use your boss or someone as an excuse for your performance 
  • Learn to anticipate their questions, issues, and needs so you can address them before you are asked 
  • Meet periodically to know their expectations 

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