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How can I be compensated for an unpaid internship through the Magner Career Center?

There is a stipend available for current Brooklyn College students which allows them to get paid to complete unpaid work experiences. Around 30% of applicants are chosen.

Once you log in select “Magner Career Center – Stipend Award Application“.

If you experience a technical glitch, please email stipend@brooklyn.cuny.edu. Note: We can only assist with matters that take place prior to the application deadline. Please start the process as early as possible.

By enrolling in the Stipend Award program through the Magner Career Center at Brooklyn College CUNY, I acknowledge and willingly commit to an unpaid internship. I take full responsibility for ensuring my physical capability to engage in all related activities. I am aware that this internship might entail unforeseen risks beyond the control or alteration of the Magner Career Center. Understanding this, I accept complete personal liability for any consequences arising from my involvement in this program, including but not limited to illnesses, injuries, or losses. I firmly acknowledge that the Magner Career Center bears no responsibility or liability for any health concerns or property issues that may arise during my participation in this unpaid internship.

What are stipends?/Am I eligible to apply?  

Stipend awards (taxable) help current students take non-paid off-campus opportunities related to their career (internship, volunteer, off campus research, student teaching and practicum) that they would not have otherwise been able to afford. The stipends are competitive, with approximately 30% of students selected to receive an award 

  • All majors are eligible but a few of our stipends are specific to majors (English, Finance, Computer Science, Urban Sustainability) and some are specific to career interests (pre-law, governmental accounting).
  • Winners are picked from each school.
  • Minimum GPA is 3.0
  • You must be a undergraduate or graduate student at the time you will intern. 
  • You can apply before securing an internship.
  • Refer to our Internship Stipend Guide
  • Review our additional eligibility requirements

When is the deadline to apply?

Summer/Fall Internship Deadline: March 31st

Spring Internship Deadline: October 31st

Here are additional resources to help you put together the best application possible:

  1. Short video featuring donors and former stipend winner 
  2. Read some articles featuring past winners: 

Where does the funding come from?
These awards are made possible by very generous donations from Brooklyn College alumni (Magner, Tow, Garil, O’Hara, Friedman, Glaser, Kandel,  Sisti, Geen, Lebowitz, Gertner, Silverstein, Fauci and Weill).   

Are there other stipend/funding opportunities? 

  1. Cancer Research Internship/Stipend 
  2. Scholarship office pageRosen fellow, Zicklin fellows and other scholarships may also help cover for unpaid internships
  3. External Internship Stipend Programs

If you have any questions, please email stipend@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

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