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What happens if I am selected for the Unpaid Internship Stipend?

By enrolling in the Stipend Award program through the Magner Career Center at Brooklyn College CUNY, I acknowledge and willingly commit to an unpaid internship. I take full responsibility for ensuring my physical capability to engage in all related activities. I am aware that this internship might entail unforeseen risks beyond the control or alteration of the Magner Career Center. Understanding this, I accept complete personal liability for any consequences arising from my involvement in this program, including but not limited to illnesses, injuries, or losses. I firmly acknowledge that the Magner Career Center bears no responsibility or liability for any health concerns or property issues that may arise during my participation in this unpaid internship.

If you receive an email indicating you have been selected, Congratulations! Be sure to follow the steps below in a timely manner and that the information provided is accurate. This step is the final step before you are officially selected to receive the stipend. Failure to complete the steps by the deadlines provided may lead to your removal from consideration.

All Stipend winners must complete the i-9 Process in order to receive their payment. Please visit our page on Completing the i-9 Process for Unpaid Internship Stipend Winners.

  • Make sure you are aware of the internship site eligibility requirements.
  • Receiving the stipend is contingent on approval of the internship site.
  • Winners will receive half of their payment about a 4-6 weeks after completing the required paperworkTo complete the paper work you will need social security card and an unexpired government issued ID (state ID, US passport etc.). International students may have additional documents to submit. 
  • Part of the process is to write a thank you letter to your donor. Winners should review the guidelines and samples to assist them in writing a quality letter.
  • Typically students receive the 2nd half of their award towards end of the internship/semester.
    • 2nd Half of the Stipend: Approximately halfway through the internship, we will begin the process needed for you to receive the remainder of your stipend (taxes withheld).
    • This will include contacting your supervisor to ensure you met their minimum expectations and completed at least 120 hours.
    • Once the evaluation is received you will receive an email where you must sign the 2nd page of the DOL to finalize the process.  

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