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What career resources are available to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences students?

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), sits at the heart of a great urban college, and provides high-quality humanities and social science educational programs. HSS creates leaders of character, wisdom, and influence that thrive in our interdependent global society by applying their learning to real-world challenges.

The below resources have been prepared for HSS Students:

Career Exploration

Congratulations on deciding to pursue a major in Humanities and Social Sciences! Below is a list of specific majors to explore.

  • Puerto Rican and Latino Studies
  • Children and Youth Studies
  • Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Women and Gender Studies
  • American Studies
  • Africana Studies
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • M.A. Sociology
  • Linguistics
  • English/Creative Writing
  • Judaic Studies
  • Speech Pathology
  • Classics
  • Religion: Program of Studies in Religion
  • Utilize HireBC or the Magner Center LinkedIn Group to find job and internship opportunities
  • Network with professionals in your industry of interest by conducting informational interviews (LinkedIn is a great tool)
  • Attend related events (click link and login to see upcoming events)
  • Organize a peer-support group or join a Brooklyn College Club or Organization (See Club List at bottom of document)
  • Create a great resume and cover letter (check out this Resume Guide)
  • Stay organized by keeping track of opportunities (check out this Opportunity Tracker.xlsx)
  • Prepare for interviews (check out these interview resources)

Career Opportunities

There is always a need for employees who can bring more to the table than just standardized coursework. The Humanities and the Social Sciences teach highly applicable critical thinking, analysis, research, and communication skills. Furthermore, an HSS education emphasizes the importance of sharing information and effectively arguing a case to work towards resolution. This emphasis, paired with the aforementioned skills, will enable you to work and communicate fluently across a variety of industries.

Some popular careers for School of Humanities and Social Sciences Graduates:

  • Public Relations
  • Social Work
  • Education
  • Union Organization
  • Government/ Law
  • Publishing/Film Production
  • Curatorial Services/Museum Management
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Gender Rights
  • International Affairs
  • Charities and Nonprofits
  • Journalism & Media
  • Academic Research
  • United Nations

Interview Preparation

Receiving an Offer

  • Don’t renege on an offer once you have accepted another offer. You’ve made a commitment in which employers expect you to follow your word. Usage of the Center assumes you will abide by our terms & conditions where reneging is explicitly not allowed 
  • Don’t create a bad reputation for yourself, your peers, or the college. You are expected to be professional. Watch this video to learn more about what you should do if you have multiple offers

Clubs and Organizations

Students can choose from a variety of clubs that include:

You can register for most clubs on Campus Groups. To connect directly with the Clubs, you can also join any of their Student WhatsA

Scheduling an Appointment

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment to review these resources and for further exploration with Pamela Brown, the liaison of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. You may contact her at pbrown@brooklyn.cuny.edu.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Magner Career Center at 718.951.5696 or email careernews@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Alumni Advice Videos

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Check out the Magner Career Center YouTube page for more valuable alumni career-specific advice.

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