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What career resources are available to Computer Science students?

The below resources have been prepared for students who are interested in careers in computer science.

Exploring Careers in Computer Science

There are many careers you can go into in Computer Science. Learn about the different areas of computer science and helpful resources to learn more about them (sectioned off by the field of computer science)!

Exploring Careers in Computer Science Resources.xlsx

Resume Assistance

Use our resume sample and checklist to ensure you have a strong resume.

Tips for Developing Technical Projects

Programming Practice

A listing of programming practice resources.

Hackathons & Competitions

Interview Preparation

Interviewing Tools recommended:

Mentorship & Professional Development

Computer Science Internship & Apprenticeship Programs

Click to open our internship program list. In each column you will find internship programs that hire computer science students. Some of the programs may not be open, yet (but will be at a later time). Some programs are specific to either the Winter, Spring, or Summer, while others are currently closed for other reasons. Make sure to save the internship list and come back to it continuously! 

If you are looking for an apprenticeship click here https://www.theuptide.com/software-engineering-apprenticeships/ 

Additional internship search resources can be found on our Ways to Find a Paid Internship page.

Job Search Tools

Job Tracking Tools:

Job Boards:

Salary Expectations for CIS and CIS – Adjacent Careers & Value Selection

If you are trying to understand your potential salary or trying to determine if your offer is competitive, use the below resources to help you:

One of the many factors that goes into finding your next place of employment is the salary, however there are many others as well. Use this resource to help you understand the key values that you may look for in an organization


Developing a Stand Out GitHub Profile:

PostMan Student Programs:

Other Upskilling Resources

Recordings of Previous Tech Events

Check out our YouTube channel for tech events we hosted in the past!

Find upcoming events on the Magner Career Center event page.

YouTube player

Alumna Shahzoda Davlatov ’21 discusses her experiences with the Career Center and her internships.

Specialty Programs

There are many specialty programs out there to help students interested in Computer Science.

Brooklyn College CUNY2X

CUNY 2X Tech is an initiative to double the number of CUNY students graduating annually with a tech-related bachelor’s degree prepared to launch careers in the NYC tech ecosystem. Designed in partnership with NYC Tech Talent Pipeline industry and academic leaders, this five-year, multi-million dollar initiative brings together CUNY senior colleges and NYC tech employers to better align tech education with industry needs and expand access to quality tech careers. This is done through monthly workshops. To be added to the mailing list email 2xtechteam@gmail.com

Brooklyn College Tech Talent Pipeline Residency (TTP)

The Brooklyn College Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP) Residency is a 1.5 year experience that connects computer science majors with NYC businesses. Students enroll in the TTP Residency where they participate in pre-internship training during the summer, fall and spring that provides students with knowledge of web development and soft skills. Upon completion of the training, participants begin a paid internship at NYC businesses in web, mobile developer, or software engineering roles the following summer. After completion of the internship, Residents work with the TTP team on their job search to then land full-time roles in the field upon their graduation (Please note Residents are not guaranteed the internship placement; students must put in the work to have the best possible chance to be matched with an employer). For more information about TTP Residency contact ttpresidencybrooklyn@gmail.com

CUNY Tech Prep

CUNY Tech Prep is an industry-informed program for exceptional computer science students in the CUNY senior college system. Developed and delivered with the CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development and industry leaders, CUNY Tech Prep is designed to provide students with industry exposure to software development and a connection to tech jobs post-graduation https://cunytechprep.nyc

CUNY Break Through Tech

We work at the intersection of academia and industry to propel women (trans and cis) and nonbinary students into computing degrees and tech careers. https://newyork.breakthroughtech.org/


Computer Science Club 
Girls Who Code College Loop Club  https://www.clubs.brooklyn.cuny.edu/GWCCollegeLoop/
Mathematics Club of Brooklyn College  https://www.clubs.brooklyn.cuny.edu/MathematicsClubofBrooklynCollege/

Schedule an Appointment

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment to review these resources and for further exploration with Miriam Loyd, the liaison of the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences.
She can be reached by email at: MLoyd@brooklyn.cuny.edu
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Magner Career Center at 718.951.5696 or email careernews@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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