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What are the Student Terms and Conditions for using Career Services?

By using the Magner Career Center services and logging onto HireBC, Brooklyn College students agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the Magner Career Center. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in discontinuation of services and/or access to HireBC. Students who knowingly misrepresent their information or violate our terms and conditions in any way are subject to disciplinary action. In addition, students who violate the terms may be removed from consideration if they apply for an internship stipend.

The Magner Career Center has no affiliation with employers and can make no representation or guarantees concerning positions listed on HireBC. The vast majority of positions are legitimate, but we have seen an increase in the number of scam employers who are using job posting sites to scam students. While the center does vet the employer and postings, it is the students’ responsibility to do additional research before they apply or interview for a position, even if the posting is on HireBC. Scam employers are becoming more sophisticated in evading detection during the vetting process by masquerading as legitimate companies.

Expectations Regarding Hire BC Usage

  • Students are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their information in HireBC and uploaded documents.
  • Students should report fraudulent posts immediately to careernews@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Expectations Regarding on Campus Recruitment/Applying for Positions Through the Magner Career Center

  • Students’ profiles, online application, and application materials must be accurate. When applying for positions, students must follow the requirements stated in the posting. Students who knowingly misrepresent their information are subject to disciplinary action.

Expectations Regarding Appointments

  • You must arrive on time for your appointment. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late for an appointment will need to reschedule. If you are running late, call ahead of time. If you need to cancel, give the office at least 24 hours’ notice. Students who are late more than twice may not be allowed to schedule another appointment.
  • Keep your appointments. If you miss two appointments and do not call the Magner Career Center at least 24 hours in advance, privileges (including appointments and use of HireBC) could be revoked for at least one semester and possibly longer.
  • Counselors can at their discretion limit the counseling appointments/résumé feedback sessions to students who are using services with unusual frequency and/or using appointments slots in a manner that interferes with other students’ access to appointments/résumé feedback sessions.
  • Rudeness or inappropriate behavior may result in a temporary or permanent banning from the center and its services.

Expectations Regarding Events

  • All Magner Career Center events require students to pre-register. Only confirmed students are guaranteed a spot at the event. The staff will use their discretion to determine the day of the event whether walk-ins can be accommodated. 
  • Students are expected to arrive on time for an event, unless they have notified us in advance. After the event has begun, we reserve the right not to allow students in to avoid disrupting the event. As a result, we also expect students to stay for the majority of the event.
  • Those who chronically sign up for events but do not attend may be prevented from attending future events.
  • Food and refreshments are reserved for attendees of the event.
  • Especially for events involving outside speakers, alumni, and employers, students are asked to dress in business casual attire and behave professionally. We reserve the right to exclude a student from an event if they are disruptive or unprofessional, whether or not they are confirmed for the event. 
  • Photographs, social media postings, newspaper articles all require approval of the guest/speaker.

Expectations Regarding on Campus Recruitment/Applying for Positions Through the Magner Career Center

  • Students desiring to apply for positions through the Magner Career Center are expected to be committed to follow the entire process through. This includes signing up for interviews or declining the invitation if preselected by an employer, participating in information sessions that may be held prior to interviews, and showing up for your scheduled interviews. Students are expected to show up for their scheduled interviews on time; if they need to cancel, that it is done at least 24 hours before.
  • Students are also encouraged to sign up to attend employer information sessions to help an employer anticipate their audience and to make sure the Magner Career Center has reserved adequate facilities for these events.
  • Students who do not show up for or cancel scheduled interviews fewer than 24 hours or one business day prior to an interview will be expected to send a letter of apology to the recruiter and will be banned from using Hire BC and additional services. Although you may not be interested in employment with this particular organization, recruiters often times interact with recruiters at other organizations, and you do not want to be the topic of conversation in a negative way!
  • Students are expected to be on time for their interviews. If an emergency has occurred, the student must contact the interviewer in advance to inform them that they are running late. It will be up to the discretion of the recruiter whether they still want to interview someone who is late.
  • Students’ profiles must be accurate. When applying for positions, students must follow the requirements stated in the posting.
  • Students must remain integral to the expectations set forth by Brooklyn College and the Magner Center for all students

Expectations Regarding Accepting Offers

  • Once you have accepted an offer you cannot continue applying for other positions. You cannot accept multiple offers at the same time. It is unethical to accept an offer as a “placeholder,” then take another position and renege on the initially accepted offer.
  • This practice subjects the student to disciplinary action. It damages the reputation of the university and can result in employer blacklisting of the student or removal from potential employment at other employers.
  • The university understands that there can be extenuating circumstances that lead to reneging on an offer, but such circumstances must be addressed with a member of the Manger Career Center in advance.
  • Once a student has accepted an offer, he or she is expected to stay with the internship through the agreed commitment with the employer; for a full time job it is expected to remain with the organization for at least a year. Students who quit before the agreed end date will be asked to explain the situation and if the Magner Career Center deems it appropriate, they will remove your access to HireBC as well as notify the appropriate faculty. Access will be removed as soon as we are notified by the employer until we receive more information from the student. Students who encounter issues preventing them from continuing their commitment should notify their career coach or Miriam Loyd in advance to discuss how to best handle the situation.

Magner Career Center’s Expectations for Student Professionalism

The Magner Career Center expects that you act professionally in the workplace at all times, regardless if it is an internship, part-time or full-time job, or volunteer opportunity. Your attitude impacts your career, future, and brand. Additionally, your attitude directly reflects Brooklyn College’s image and brand. Acting unprofessionallytmay lead to employers being disinterested in recruiting you and future Brooklyn College applicants. 

If notified by a business, the Magner Career Center reserves the right to withhold Career Services from students who engage in unprofessional conduct. 

Students are encouraged to adhere to these expectations, which are set to maximize opportunities and to keep a good professional relationship with employers.

Professionalism includes:

  • Showing your appreciation. If you receive an offer from an employer, thank the recruiter, expressing your appreciation and enthusiasm for the opportunity. Then, ask the recruiter if you can review the offer and provide your answer in a day or two (for full-time opportunities and many competitive internships, you may need a week to make a final decision). This is considered standard in the workplace and will be seen as professional, thoughtful behavior. If you decide to turn down the offer, follow up with a concise and polite reason as to why you will be declining. Review our video about the do’s and don’ts of declining offers.
    • Example: “Although this is a great opportunity and I very much appreciate the offer, I have decided to accept another internship, which is more suitable for my future career path. Thank you so much again. I’d like to keep in touch with you and will be sending you a LinkedIn connection request soon.”
    • Be sure to decline in a timely manner. Be aware of the employer’s timeline and what you both had agreed upon as a deadline date to accept/decline. This can help speed up the hiring process and provide an opportunity for someone else. Lastly, continue to nurture the professional relationship with the recruiter by inviting them to connect with you on LinkedIn. This shows that you may be open to opportunities later on.
    • If you connect with someone (i.e., informational interview, mentor, advisor), express your gratitude for their time.
  • Be courteous: If declined from an internship, reply to the recruiter with a brief thank you email. Writing this email shows appreciation to the recruiter who took the time to speak with you and encourages an ongoing professional relationship. This may open up opportunities for a position at a later date. Remember, even a turndown is a relationship-building opportunity! Also, consider asking for feedback. This information can be useful in preparing for your next interview.
  • Be diligent. During your time at your internship or job, you are expected to exhibit a strong work ethic along with being responsible. Example: Do not be late, fulfill all responsibilities/duties, and be responsive to your employer at all times.
  • Be proactive. If you must leave the internship before the agreed-upon date, be sure to let them know ASAP! Review our video that has the do’s and don’ts of leaving an internship site. Know that this action is not recommended, therefore be thoughtful about the decision and discuss your particular scenario with a Career Coach at the Magner Career Center or a trusted professional. The standard is to provide at least two weeks’ notice; however, you should also be flexible in case the employer needs more time. This gives the employer the opportunity to train and hire someone else to replace you.
    • Full-time positions: In most cases, the expectation is for you to be at the company for at least ONE YEAR. (It is not fair to continue applying for jobs while employed and leave an employer before the year is up). Of course, there are exceptions; if you are in an unhealthy environment, either physically or emotionally.
    • Additionally, if there is a pattern of this behavior, future employers may ask for an explanation, as it raises the question of irresponsibility and lack of maturity.
  • Make sure any interaction you have with an employer is professional even if you are not interested in the interview or the opportunity.

Asking for and Receiving Feedback from Supervisors and Colleagues

  • Have an open mind. Remember if someone is giving you feedback it is for you to benefit and grow!
  • Do not respond right away; listen to what the feedback provider is saying. Always remember that feedback that helps you improve is very valuable!
  • Reflect on the feedback provided to you. Ask questions as a way to deconstruct the feedback. Think about how you can use this for the future and learn from it!
  • Always say “thank you.” At the end of the day, your supervisor is looking out for your best interest! This is an opportunity for you to gain further insight into your behaviors and work style.
  • Remember, professionalism will not only benefit you now, but it can lead to more opportunities later 

Student Offense Policy: The Magner Career Center reserves the right to restrict or revoke any privileges as deemed necessary for offenses/violations of the Terms and Conditions set above. These include, but are not limited to, restricting or banning involvement in recruiting activities (e.g., career fairs, information sessions, on-campus interviews), access to your Hire BC account, and access to professional development opportunities (career advisers, workshops, alumni mentor program, etc.).

Please note: Your journey, academically and professionally, is ultimately yours to own. Our help comes in career counseling, job fairs, and resources that assist you. The Magner Center encourages students to take the initiative and seek services and guidance if necessary, but your path comes from the journey you choose to take. So choose wisely, and be proactive! 

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