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What career resources are available to Business students?

The below resources have been prepared for students who are interested in careers in business.

Career Exploration

Congratulations on deciding on a business career! There are a few paths you may be considering. Below is a brief overview of each. Check out: how to research a career page for further resources as well. In addition, all of these roles are featured on our YouTube channel in our Career Advice playlists.

  • Accounting: Accounting majors learn how to create, maintain and audit a detailed and accurate system that displays the finances of a business or organization. They study the theory behind accounting and learn how to analyze the financial position of a firm or organization.
  • Business Administration: Become a successful entrepreneur. Students  learn about everything from Management and E-commerce to Statistics and Operations Management. 
  • Business Management: Become a leader in the business and corporate world or the public and other non-profit sectors. Courses cover topics such as introductory accounting, economics, operations management, statistics, computer applications, business analytics, business law, and management.  
  • Economics: An economics major examines resource allocation, incentives and wealth in fields like business management, law and public affairs. Majoring in economics can provide students with exposure to research techniques, policymaking methods, quantitative analysis and more.
  • Finance: Learn methods of creating financial plans and giving investment advice to clients. Learn how to work with businesses by streamlining operations through financial planning, investing, problem-solving, and budgeting.  
  • Human Resources (HR): The duties of a typical HR professional include recruiting, training, retaining, and laying off (downsizing) employees. They ensure a safe, friendly, and diverse corporate environment. Employees make the company. HR is responsible for providing them with structure and guidance so their effectiveness and efficiency can be maximized. 
  • Marketing: A marketing major studies the branding and promotion of products and services to the public, and how to target specific demographics. Students in a marketing major learn the ways businesses maintain relationships with their audiences through targeted activities that create, communicate and deliver offerings to them

Most deadlines for fall internships and full-time employment are in late September. Applications can be found on HireBC or on the company’s respective sites. Bookmark this doc to keep track of KSB Internship deadlines. Use the below resources to assist you in your search.

Jobs & Internships

Interview Preparation

Receiving an Offer

  • Don’t renege on an offer once you have accepted another offer. You’ve made a commitment in which employers expect you to follow your word. Usage of the Center assumes you will abide by our terms & conditions where reneging is explicitly not allowed. 
  • Don’t create a bad reputation for yourself, your peers, or the college. You are expected to be professional. Watch this video to learn more about what you should do if you have multiple offers.

Business Clubs

You can register for most clubs on Campus Groups. To connect directly with the Clubs, you can also join any of their Student WhatsApp chats.   

Schedule an Appointment

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment to review these resources and for further exploration with Cliff Frontera, the liaison of the School of Business. You may contact him at Clifford.Frontera@brooklyn.cuny.edu
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Magner Career Center at 718.951.5696 or email careernews@brooklyn.cuny.edu


What our students, recruiters, and alumni have to say in the feature videos. See more videos on our Business Playlist.

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