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What are some ways to find a Paid Internship?

Securing and working an internship is an excellent resume builder that also reinforces your appeal towards potential employment. But did you know that while all types of internships can have value, NACE research has found that students with paid internships had more job offers, higher starting salaries, and a shorter job search, after graduation?

Below are 9 Ways to Find a Paid Internship:

  1. Log-on to the portal, click on the Career tab to enter HireBC, and type ‘paid’ in keyword search. New opportunities are added very frequently, so check often!
  1. Apply for a career program that will help you secure an internship if selected. 
  1. Check out the list of companies that have internships every year and sometimes even every semester or check out these summer research opportunities
  1. Apply for a stipend to cover unpaid internships (exclusive to Brooklyn College students only)
  2. Check out CUNY’s Internship Programs Page for an overview of CUNY Programs that help students secure internships.
  1. Attend the job fair and events with employers that are hosted by our office, BC departments or offices, club events and events held by outside organizations
  1. Review external websites and articles that can help you find paid internships
  1.  Check out school specific career pages that include information about paid internships in relevant fields here: Career/Major Specific Resources
  1. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin 

Other important resources and information

  • Don’t get scammed: We suggest you review our employer red flags before you apply or interview for any position posted anywhere.

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