How do I find a job?

The earlier you start to prepare and look, the likelier and faster you will see results.
This comes by gaining experience, conducting independent research, and attending events where you can meet employers and professionals. More effort and using all available resources will yield better results.

HireBC, the dedicated job board for Brooklyn College Students and Alumni, is where we post jobs and internships.

Here are some tips on how to better prepare for your job search journey. Also, make sure to watch our content with recruiters on how to make the job search easier.

  1. Be Prepared
    Review the Resume/Cover Letter Quick Reference to ensure you have an error-free resume and cover letter that markets your skills to employers. The Magner Center offers resume prep help and interview prep by scheduling a group appointment.
  2. Review the Interview Quick Reference to ensure you are properly prepared. Schedule a group appointment for interview prep.
  3. Review all of our quick reference guides which include topics such as how to network and what to wear. Also check out for career tips.
  4. Attend our relevant workshops such as Job Search 101.
  5. Review other job search websites such as, a great entry-level job website that offers a large amount of free job search content.
  1. Do Research
    Use HireBC for job postings, and do research for company overviews, career videos etc.
  2. Access employer directories for a wide area of industries/occupations through websites. and are great resources for company information, salary, interview questions etc.
  3. Check out the Magner Career Center YouTube channel to learn more about a profession, company etc.
  4. Reddit is a great tool as it can often give you exposure to real feedback from current/former company employees. To do so, simply search for the name of the company/organization you are considering applying to on Reddit.
  1. Connect With Employers
    Attend events hosted by the Magner Career Center (register via career section)information sessions with employers, career conferences, company visits and/or panels focused on specific industries/career fields
  2. Our fall and spring career/internship fair as well as job fairs off campus
  3. Search for jobs on various search sites such as HireBC (exclusive to Brooklyn College students accessible via,, and apply to many jobs/internships
  4. Research Career Training, Fellowships, and Programs (we also have lists for first year students and graduating seniors/recent graduates).
  5. Attend departments and student club events featuring outside guests.
  1. Network with Professionals
    Prepare for networking events and information sessions where you will interact with employers and other professionals
  2. Read Finding a Job Using LinkedIn and Use LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job Before You Graduate
  3. Identify professional associations in your career field or industry that can assist you in finding entry-level employment by doing a Google search

We also encourage you to consult with our pages on finding a part time jobs and internships

A Word From Us To You
Your journey, academically and professionally, is ultimately yours to own. The Magner Career Center comes in career counseling, job fairs, and resources that assist you. The Magner Center encourages students to take the initiative and seek services and guidance if necessary, but your path comes from the journey you choose to take. So choose wisely, and be proactive! 

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