How To: Update Your Legal Name

Students and alumni may update their student record to reflect their current legal name. Documentation is required to complete this process.

Even if you are a student, CUNY employees (faculty or staff), must contact their main campus’ HR office to follow the proper procedure to update legal or preferred names.

Brooklyn College staff and faculty can refer to these resources for guidance on name changes.

To update your information, follow the steps below:


If the appropriate documentation is not submitted with this form, the request will not be accepted or processed.

Required Documentation

Two original proofs are required. If there is not enough documentation to support your name change request, the request will not be accepted or processed.

Original documentation, not copies, must be submitted.

  • Proof #1:
Proof #1

Valid, government issued photo ID with the new legal name on it (e.g., passport, drivers license)

Proof #2One of the following with the new legal name:

– Marriage Certificate
– Passport
– Birth Certificate
– Social Security Card
– Divorce Degree
– Court Order

Important Notes

  • This request cannot be submitted or processed for CUNY employees/faculty, even if they are students. If you are a CUNY employee or faculty, you must reach out to the the HR office of main campus to submit your request.
  • Two official documents are required.
  • Passports may not count as both Proof #1 and Proof #2.
  • Documents that do not show the new, legal name will not be accepted as proof.
  • Middle names are not displayed in CUNYfirst and do not appear on official printed documents with the exception of diplomas.

Unlike preferred names, legal names are printed on diplomas. Alumni that would like an updated diploma must order a replacement diploma after the legal name change request has been submitted and processed.

Submit Your Request

  • Your completed Personal Data Change Request Form and original documentation should be submitted in person to the Enrollment Services Center in 102 West Quad Center.
  • Original documentation, not copies, must be submitted. Copies of your documentation will be made at the time of submission and your original documents will be returned to you.
  • Requests will be processed within 5-7 business days.


For questions on this process or to follow up on your request, reach out to

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