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How can I find a part-time job off campus?

There are various opportunities open for college students who are looking for a job that balances with their class schedule. In addition, there are regular opportunities that open exclusively for CUNY students. Check out some options below:

NYC 311 Call Center

NYC 311 Call Center employs current CUNY undergraduate and graduate students for Call Center Representative (CCR) positions, working 12 or 18 hours a week.  International students can apply for the positions.  Review the CUNY 311 CCR job description for Brooklyn College students to see more info about qualifications and eligibility. 

Applications must be completed online. Each student must register and fill out their profile on the site, and submit the required documents, before being able to sign up for the 311 position. 


Students should make sure they have signed-in at least once onto HireBC. We use HireBC to post many opportunities directly, and, you should be subscribed to our mailing list for regular updates via email every week.

CUNY Mailing List

CUNY’s Career Success Team also has a mailing list for CUNY Students, updated weekly. You can register to receive weekly career opportunity updates here.

Other job-search engines:

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