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What can I expect at the Job Fair?

One great way to land a job or internship is to attend job fairs because you can meet 70 to over 100 employers/recruiters in a few hours. They are excellent places to find employment because:

  • Employers are actively searching for candidates to interview and hire. 
  • You can network with fellow professionals and gain knowledge about companies and positions you are interested in.
  • You get the opportunity to practice your presentation skills.
    • If you’re a candidate who has an underwhelming resume, a job fair is a great opportunity to impress a recruiter. 
  • Employers attending will be recruiting for full-time, part-time, temporary or summer positions as well as internships or co-op employment.  

The Magner Career Center hosts its own on-campus Job Fair, once every semester (twice a year). Check out our page on the Upcoming Job Fair for more information.

What is a Job Fair/What Can You Expect?

A job fair is a recruiting method used by a large number of employers. They can be general or industry-specific and include multiple types of applicants or positions. Typically, they involve employers with one to two representatives hosting a table. This 2-minute video can help you get a sense of what to expect. Representatives attending will mainly be hiring managers. At the fair they may:

  • Provide information and literature about the organization and employment opportunities and possibly applications.
  • Collect applicants’ resumes (Some employers will not collect resumes and will refer applicants to their websites where the resumes may be uploaded).
  • Answer applicants’ questions.
  • Provide applicants with important follow-up contact information.
  • Meet with you for a few minutes, depending on how busy they are, most attempt to do quick assessments of applicants to determine those they wish to follow up with after the event.  
  • Recruit for current openings or for future anticipated openings.  
  • Have large crowds/lines of applicants waiting to talk to them.

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