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How can I optimize my LinkedIn profile for my career?

Using LinkedIn can be an essential tool for networking with fellow professionals and creating connections through networking on the site. As a social media site dedicated for Professionals, it is important to create and maintain a LinkedIn profile that stands out and demonstrates your highlights.

Read through the check-list below to identify what are the best ways to create an eye-catching profile:

  • A Photo in professional attire is key. Profiles with photos are 14 times more likely to be viewed. A Visual Header can be added to your Linkedin account as well.
  • Professional Headline tells the reader WHY to keep reading. It is a small strip of text below your profile picture with a 120-character limit.
    • Samples of Professional Headlines that stand out:
      • Aspiring Human Resources Professional. Currently helping students connect to their dream careers.
      • Environmental Science Major, Business Minor at KCC focused on Sustainable Development.
      • Molecular Cell Biology Intern at IDEXX | Integrative Biology Student | Hockey & Student Government.
  • About (summary) should be used to position yourself for your next job. Highlight those skills and experiences that support your career direction. Be sure to include industry related keywords. Use ONETOnline.org to search the career you’re interested in to determine keywords you want to use. The first 2 sentences of your profile are all that initially appear. You can try this summary builder exercise to make the most out of your summary.
  • Experience is a version of your resume. Use targeted keywords and accomplishments.
  • Media Links allow you to link media to your LinkedIn account that showcases your accomplishments through websites, videos, and PowerPoints.
  • Skills & Endorsements is an important section to customize. Your skills are the keywords that will help you show up in a recruiter’s search. 
  • Recommendations from supervisors, coworkers, clients, professors, or fellow students who know you well enhance your profile.
  • Additional Sections can be added to enhance your profile. Consider adding sections such as Projects, Courses, Certifications, Languages, Publications, and Volunteer Experience.
  • Customize your Public Profile URL for use on business cards, your resume and in your email signature. In the same section you can also access your privacy settings.

Content inspired from sabrina-woods.com

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