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Can I take a career assessment to help me decide on a career path?

Studies show that individuals who explore 4 areas: personality, interests, skills and values, tend to make  career choices that lead to greater job satisfaction. In order to reflect upon these areas, we have shared information and assessments below.  Learning more about yourself is the first step towards finding a meaningful career!  

Disclaimer – these assessments and resources are designed to help you learn about yourself and ultimately, the careers that might be of interest to you. Remember that the list of recommended careers are not exhaustive and provide a starting point.  They are by no means the only careers that are right for you.  We highly encourage you to do extensive research on any industry or field you are interested in.   


Personality can be defined as a combination of qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character, which influence how you see, experience, and interact with the world. We all have certain innate preferences and personality characteristics that feel more comfortable and natural, including how we gain energy, perceive information, make decisions, and organize our external environments.  

  • Complete the FREE 16 personality type assessment
    • Once you have your 4 letter personality type results go to the “careers for your type” page and select your type in the drop down to learn about recommended occupations.
    • If you’d like to do further research, purchase or borrow the book, Do What You Are by Tieger and Tieger.  
  • Complete the Color Q, a personality test designed to match you to possible career pursuits and suitable work environments
    • Once you complete the assessment, review the chapters that correspond with your results


Skill is a term that encompasses the knowledge, competencies and abilities to perform operational tasks. Skills are developed through life and work experiences and they can also be learned through study. In order to be a marketable candidate to employers, it is important to develop specific technical skills as well as transferable skills that can be translated to any industry.

  • Complete the skills assessment document


Values are the beliefs that shape our behavior and drive us towards our goals. It’s crucial to understand your personal values, as they play a vital role in determining your career interests and job satisfaction.

  • Complete the values assessment document 


There is no better way to determine potential career fields, than to think about what you are interested in! Think about what it is you like to do and learn about. Then, 

Bringing it Altogether:

After you go through the above exercises, download and complete this chart by selecting and adding key pieces of your results. Using these results you can conduct research on different careers.

You can then schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor to discuss your results, and how to find internships related to your interests.

The following webpages explains more about conducting research on careers https://students.brooklyn.edu/article-categories/finding-a-career/ 

If you have any questions, please call us at 718.951.5696 or email careernews@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

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