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What are potential questions to ask a mentor?

Don’t be shy! Mentors want to help out by providing useful knowledge, and asking the right questions will play a big role in informing your future career path.

Below is a list of questions that you can ask an mentor:

· What do you find important in making successful career decisions?

· What are your general tasks and responsibilities?

· What opportunities for advancement are there in this field?

· What qualities make someone successful at your company?

· What is the culture/work environment like?

· What skills or talents are essential for effectiveness in this job?

· What can increase my chances for getting a job with your company/in this industry?

· Where should I be looking for jobs?

· Do you feel you have a work-life balance? How many hours do you work?

· How does the employment outlook seem here in ______________. How about elsewhere?

· What other career fields are related to what you are currently doing?

· What are some of the growing concerns in this profession?

· What are the specialties in this area?

· What are the occupations in this field?

· How do you see jobs in this field changing in the future?

· Is there a demand for people in this occupation?

· What opportunities for advancement are there in this field?

· What are the top companies?

· What do you do? Describe a typical day

· What do you find to be the best things about your profession? The worst?

· How did you get into this occupation? Get started in this job?/What did you do before your current position?

· What do you enjoy about your career?/What don’t you enjoy?

· Do you feel as though you have work-life balance?/How many hours do you work?

· How did you prepare yourself for this job? For this profession?

· What classes or projects can I undertake to prepare myself for this career area?

· What is the most relevant major, course of study or preparation?

· What is the most valuable thing you learned during your training?

· Are there specific courses you would recommend I take now?

· What was your major? How was it helpful?

· What training, education or experience is required for this type of work?

· Knowing what you know now, would you choose the same occupation again? Why or why not?

· What advice do you have for me?

· What recommendations do you have for job searching?

· Do you know if your company has internships and how I could apply for them?

· Would it be possible for me to shadow you for a day or part of a day?

· What are the professional associations, journal and websites in the field?

· Where can I get more information about the industry/occupation?

· What do you know that you wish you knew when you were at Brooklyn College?

This is a generalized list that can apply for most mentors, regardless of their job. Some mentors may have specific information for their industry/career. Try to use these questions to formulate your own that could be about their specific position/industry.

Should you have any questions, please call the Magner Career Center at 718.951.5696 or email us at careernews@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

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