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What is my Library ID, and why is it missing?

Books and other materials can be borrowed from CUNY libraries remotely using your CUNYfirst account, or in-person with your CUNY Empl ID or physical ID. Please check https://library.brooklyn.cuny.edu/ for instructions on borrowing or requesting books and other materials.

Remote Access: Use your CUNYfirst account to login and access online resources, including articles, e-books, and journals/databases. No Library ID is required.

On-campus access with Digital ID: Show your Digital ID with CUNY Empl ID barcode (or Library ID barcode, if available).

On-campus access with physical ID: The physical ID includes a Library ID barcode that must be activated prior to use. To check if yours has been activated, or to activate a new card, take your physical ID to the BC Library Circulation desk to have your Library ID barcode activated.

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