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What should I expect during an interview?

Interviews, for the most part, are relative to the industry and position that you are applying for. Therefore, the following tips are generalized for how most interviews are conducted.

If you need further assistance, please consider making a group appointment for interview preparation.

  • The length of an interview can range from 15 minutes to an hour
  • There could be a follow-up interview (or interviews), so prepare for multiple interviews
  • It can be done one-on-one, you can be interviewed by a panel or even interviewed with other candidates as a group.
  • Many interviews are being done on Zoom, Google Meet, and other media. See our virtual interviewing page for additional tips. 
  • The interviewer often starts with small talk and brief introductions.  Next, they may either tell you first about the position/company or may start directly with asking questions.  You will likely be able to ask questions.
  • Everyone has different interviewing styles so expect the unexpected. No two recruiters will be the same.

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