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What should I do after an interview?

A crucial component to an interview is the follow-up. By being proactive, you are showing the employer that you are reliable and that your interview was meaningful.

What to do after interviewing:

  • Send a thank you letter or e-mail soon after. Your letter should restate your interest in the position, highlight your skills and qualifications or emphasize something you did not have the chance to mention.
    Refer to our Thank-You Letter Guide
    Find an example below:

This sample letter is only intended to be used as an example. Misuse, such as plagiarism, is a violation of the Student Terms and Conditions of Usage.

In addition, take time to reflect on what you did well on and what you could improve on. Consider the following:
Did you have a hard time coming up with a response for a particular question?
Did you have a hard time remember a specific experience you included on your resume?
Did you remain engaged throughout?
Where you mindful of your body language and non-verbal communication?
Is there anything you would like to improve on overall?

Considering these questions will ensure you don’t make these mistakes again, and can continuously improve your interviewing ability.

If you haven’t already, review what to expect during the interview.

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