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Is there a difference between an in-person and virtual interview?

View virtual interviews exactly like formal, in-person interviews in terms of your conduct, professionalism, and dress.

Be sure to review our tips for interviewing article.

Tips to ace a virtual interview:

  • Be in a quiet spot with secure internet. Though this may not always be possible at home, here are some recommended spots:
    > The Brooklyn College Library (or any public library)
    > The Magner Center’s Conference or Resource Room [Students must call ahead at: 718.951.5696 to inquire about availability or capacity]
  • Choose a neutral background. You may use virtual backgrounds, but ensure they are not distracting. If you have no choice and have a busy background, please blur your screen.
  • Keep your camera on. Not only will it show your interviewer that you are engaged, but it will also make you more memorable. Eye contact is key.
  • Stay engaged! Recruiters want to see candidates who pay attention and are genuine in their responses. Show you are interested!
  • Communicate/ address connection issues. If you or your interviewer has poor connection and it is impacting your interview communicate/address it immediately. You don’t want Wi-Fi trouble to be the reason you are turned down. You may reschedule if necessary.
  • Put your phone away. If you want to take notes, inform your interviewer of your intention so they do not assume you are distracted.

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