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How do I write a thank-you letter?

Why write a thank you letter?

  • Helps build a relationship with the interviewer
  • Helps to project a positive image of yourself
  • Keeps your name in front of the interviewer
  • Demonstrates you are truly interested in the job
  • Shows that you are a follow-through type person
  • Allows you to reinforce your key strengths
  • Provides a second chance for you to mention important points you might have forgotten to mention during the interview


    • Keep your letter short and simple – two paragraphs is enough.
    • Be certain to cater it to the person/organization.
    • Help the person remember you by referring to specific points discussed.  It shows that you were listening and will refresh their memory.
    • Be sure your letter is professional, for example: typed, no grammar or spelling errors, etc.
    • Remember, very few people bother to send thank you letters – this can be your edge!
    • Make sure several people proofread the note before sending it.
    • Emphasize your qualifications, especially those that are most relevant to the position.
    • Provide any information that was overlooked during the interview or that which was specifically requested by the interviewer.
    • Express your continued interest and your enthusiasm for the position.

    When to send thank you letters:

    A thank-you letter should be sent in a timely manner. Sending out a letter within 24-48 hours is best, but no later than a week after the interview.

    Dos & Don’ts

    Be proactive and follow-upOveruse “I”
    Obtain and include the title and name of the interviewerUse a weak opening
    Show desire for the positionForget to mention top qualities
    Proofread your thank you letterEmphasize negative qualities
    Sign the thank you letterRepeat resume word-for-word
    Be patientMake typos

Sample Thank-You Letter

Writing a thoughtful thank-you letter can increase your chances of getting hired dramatically. Below is an example:

This sample letter is only intended to be used as an example. Misuse, such as plagiarism, is a violation of the Student Terms and Conditions of Usage.

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