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What can Student Staff expect from working at the Magner Career Center?

Did you know?

The Magner Career Center offers year-round employment for students at Brooklyn College. Employment at the Magner Center provides students with first-hand experience into the professional world, preparing them for internships and future full-time employment upon graduation.


Part-Time Job Opportunities:Internship Opportunities:
Career Services AssistantMarketing Intern
Employer Relations AssistantSocial Media Intern
Human Resources AssistantLavadera Intern (School of Business)
Social Media Assistant
Marketing/Communications Assistant
And much more!

Why Work at The Magner Career Center?

Our Services

Our student-staff can take advantage of the services we offer, including resume and cover letter review, internship search assistance, career exploration, interview prep, company visits, and more. By working at the center, students can expand on their career growth, learn how to stand out as employees, and gain exceptional professional work experience in a dynamic office setting.

Professional Development

At the Magner Career Center, professional development of our student staff is extremely important. We ensure that our staff leave feeling fully prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. By hosting monthly professional development sessions, networking with our full-time staff, and making use of our career resources, our student staff receive the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics. Students can also train their fellow employees by proposing a professional development topic they’d like to explore and lead a session on.

Professional development topics we’ve explored with our Student Staff include:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Establishing SMART Goals
  • Managing Efficiency
  • Personal Branding
  • Workplace Motivation
  • And more!

Expanding Your Network

By being employed at the center, students work with career coaches who specialize in the five schools at Brooklyn College. Employees also interact with employers/organizations and alumni from across the country through co-hosting events and handling employer inquiries. Our staff is given the opportunity to greatly expand their professional network by speaking with a wide range of employer partners, companies, recruiters and alumni.

Some events our student staff have assisted with include:

Exploring Interests

Being a Magner employee means working on a broad range of tasks, projects, and initiatives! Students are able to explore different career interests and paths, and are offered the chance to delve into areas such as graphic design, research, communications, video editing and much more. Students are also encouraged to propose new projects they’d like to work on, making career exploration and guidance easily available.

Some projects that our students have worked on at the Magner Career Center include:


We provide our student staff with a flexible working environment. If communicated in advance, students are encouraged to study abroad and intern full-time in the summer. If enough notice is given, you have high performance, and the budget allows, then we are open to having you join us again after you have completed your study abroad program or internship. With proper notice and communication, we also provide flexibility to take time off during finals or at times when you may have major class projects due.

Peer Support System

Sometimes when attending a commuter school, it is difficult to establish a peer support system. The Career Center has fostered peer support systems and life-long friends. Many individuals who worked at the Center still stay in touch. In fact, they often come back to Mentor and speak to students at our various events!

Annual group picture of previous and current Magner Center staff at Spring 2023 networking night.
Celebrating the Class of 2023 graduates!


Interested in learning more about how working at the Magner Career Center is from the perspective of student staff? Read some testimonials below!

I’m currently interning with NBC! In the midst of doing my job, I genuinely thought about how much Magner has helped me in my professional career…If I met my freshman year self, I know for a fact she would be so afraid of me and how far I’ve come, and she would probably just wonder how it happened…and a lot of it just comes down to Magner and putting yourself out there. So that being said, thank you to the Magner team for all they have done to help me shine!” – FORMER EMPLOYEE, Gabriela Centeno, Social Media Intern (Winter 23’)

“Working at the Magner Career Center has been an absolute pleasure. From taking office phone calls to preparing for multiple recruitment events and the bi-annual job fairs, I have gained a tremendous amount of skills within my professional development. In addition, it is very convenient to take advantage of the various opportunities and panels that the center hosts and working alongside a wonderful group of students and career coaches has constantly given me encouragement to be productive in my own life.” FORMER EMPLOYEE, Saima Rahman, Koppelman School of Business Assistant (Spring 24’)

Where Are Former Magner Student-Staff Now?

Cliff Frontera

Cliff Frontera received his Bachelors of Science Degree from Brooklyn College in Psychology in 2019, and his Master of Arts Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2021. While studying at Brooklyn College, Cliff was a dedicated staff member, starting off as a Career Services Assistant, and then holding multiple other positions such as a Marketing and Communications Assistant, Transfer Student Career Success Coordinator, and Psychology Major Career Coach & Human Resources Coordinator. Upon graduating with his Master’s degree, Cliff was employed full-time at Brooklyn College as a Tech Talent Pipeline Career Engagement Manager and is now the Assistant Director for Career Engagement at the Magner Career Center!

Diana Almontesar

Diana Almontesar, who graduated in 2021 with a Business Management Degree in Leadership and Human Resources, was employed at the Magner Center throughout her undergraduate studies as an Employer Relations Assistant and Social Media/Marketing Assistant. She has had multiple internships at companies such as CBS and CNBC, and today works full-time at Vestiaire Collective.

Jevaughn Greenaway

Jevaughn Greenaway received his Bachelors of Music in Performance from Brooklyn College in 2018. While studying at Brooklyn College, Jevaughn served as a Career Services Assistant. Upon graduation, he was employed as a Music Teacher for Success Academy and then moved into an Assistant Principal role. Jevaughn recently described his employment at the Career Center “I can’t describe to you how grateful I am to have been a part of the Magner Center team during my undergrad. The skills and understanding I took away from my experience with you all has proven to be invaluable and has allowed me to enter spaces I did not know I could. Thank you!”

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