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What can I do if I have little work experience?

Having some work experience is always the best recourse for Students to find career opportunities. The Magner Center recommends Students try the following, should they be in need of experience that could be transferrable for a potential position/job:

  • Get an internship. Some internships are meant for students who may not have all the experience that employers are looking for. The Magner Career Center can help!
  • Get a temporary position or part-time job, or apply for a position on campus.
  • Volunteer at a community organization.
  • Do a project for a company.
  • Assist a professor with research or a project or become a teaching assistant for a class.
  • Secure a leadership position in a student organization or help run one of their events.
  • Get actively involved on campus by joining student government, the school radio station, or the student newspaper, The Brooklyn College Vanguard. Interested students should inquire via e-mail at the bcvanguard@gmail.com 

Take advantage and continue developing Professional skills. Professional development is an essential practice that you will continue throughout the rest of your career.

  • Review NACE’s Career Readiness Competencies
  • Consider courses at Brooklyn College which will help you with your skill development such as Public Speaking, Intercultural Communications and Business Writing etc.
  • Computer Training workshops in the Library help students improve their overall knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint).
  • Participate in clubs, student government, leadership positions and/or other extracurricular activities to help develop your skills.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at CareerNews@brooklyn.cuny.edu or call us at 718.951.5696

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