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What do I do before, during and after a job fair?


Preparing for the Job Fair can make the difference between landing an interview or not:

Preparation will increase your chances for job fair success!

Watch our Top 10 Job Fair Tips Video!

For more information & videos, check out our YouTube Job Fair Prep Playlist

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Do’s and Dont’s

Research companies in advanceExpect to be offered a job at the fair
Dress for success: business/business casualBe afraid to approach recruiters
Be patient, enthusiastic & courteousSubmit your resume and walk away
Bring 10+ resume copiesInterrupt existing conversations
Pick-up company information & flyersAsk about salary and benefits
Ask for contact information to follow-upComplain about previous jobs/classes
Plan to meet with multiple employersMonopolize employer for 15+ minutes

Top Tips for Job Fair Success:

  • Dress for Success: Have you secured your professional attire yet? Here’s some fashion do’s and don’ts.
    If you are in need of professional attire, check out the Bottomless Closet & Dress for Success programs.
  • Update your resume: by using our resume guide before coming in to see a counselor.
  • Have your resume reviewed: Attend our Walk in Wednesdays, 10AM – 6PM when classes are in session!
  • Craft your elevator pitch: Your name, your major, when you will graduate, and your career interest. Check out a video example.
  • Get extra preparation: Attend to a job fair prep workshop (view workshop times on BC WebCentral under the career workshop tab).
  • Conduct research: on the employers who are planning to attend. Use the list to prioritize your top employers.
  • Prepare a small bag: Bring at least 15 copies of your resume, a pen and notebook for taking notes, and the list of employers.

Day of the Fair

  • Make the Most of Your Time: Talk to as many employers as possible, even if they aren’t your industry. Your goal is to grow your professional network, so make connections!
  • Don’t be Shy: Introduce yourself with a smile, make eye contact, speak clearly and with excitement!
  • Give Your Resume to the Employer: Ensure you hand your resume to the employer, to increase your chances of them contacting you for opportunities.
  • Make Yourself Memorable: Ask insightful questions based on your research. Don’t mention salary, benefits, or compensation!
  • End on a Positive Note: Thank the person you are speaking with for their time and ask for their business card! Find out the best way for you to follow up.

After the Fair (Take Action)

  • Follow the recruiter’s instructions about applying for positions of interest.
  • Write personalized LinkedIn connection invites with your top recruiters: reintroducing yourself, thanking them for their time, and informing them of the opportunities you are planning to apply to.
  • Alternatively, send thank-you letters by email if the recruiter provided it, or if their LinkedIn profile seems inactive or outdated.

If you have any questions, contact us at careernews@brooklyn.cuny.edu or call us at 718.951.5696

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