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How can I perform my best in a Virtual Internship?

In the diversifying landscape where opportunities are ranging from working in-person to being able to work from the comfort of home/remotely, internships still require a degree of seriousness to make the most out of them.

Students should refer and adhere to our Tips on Being a Great Intern.

Although you may not be in a physical work-setting, you should still hold decorum and maintain a proper schedule and performance for working remotely. 

The tasks you are expected to complete may not be as different as the duties you would fulfill in an in-person situation. With that in mind, here are some tips for how you can be as productive as possible while working remotely: 

  • Remember to check your email as frequently as possible. It may benefit to check your email before or as soon as you clock in to anticipate what may come up later in the day
  • Maintain a good work station, and keep yourself organized
    • Keep a backup of any important files 
  • If you are in a video conference, it’s a great idea to keep your camera on. As such, you should still remember that your appearance matters. Maintain a business casual appearance (especially from the top), and make sure you are paying attention  
  • Remember to check with your supervisor regularly. A productive and engaging intern is what can bring the best feedback and even cement a recommendation/reference from a supervisor
    • Keep connected and ask your supervisor if they use programs like Slack or Microsoft Teams 

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