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What if I have an issue at an internship?

The Magner Career Center tries our best to vet opportunities available to students. We try to maintain contact with internship sites, and ensure that Students are being productive and making the most of their time.

Should you run into an issue, please contact Miriam Loyd (intern@brooklyn.cuny.edu) for assistance. Whether its a difficult supervisor, or something very serious such as possible harassment and/or discrimination, your input is important to us.

Regardless of the internship site’s own policies, students are encouraged to contact us should any issues arise while they are interning.

We also ask employers to adhere to our guidelines when taking on an intern.

If the internship is unpaid and you believe the employer is not complying with the Department of Labor guidelines on Unpaid Internships, contact us immediately at 718.951.5696 or via email at CareerNews@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

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