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What are some ways I can stay motivated to work?

In general, motivation is a powerful energy that drives and excites employees, which results in their maximum contribution. Finding motivation can come in ways like setting and achieving goals, having clear expectations, and getting recognition or feedback.

Being motivated is important for an employee who is enthusiastic, driven, and prideful of the work they want to accomplish.

Here are some ways to stay motivated:

  1. Track your progress: write down the projects you’re working on, keep an updated spreadsheet with your accomplishments, etc.
  2. Talk to your co-workers often, even if it’s just to say hi! Keep one another updated on what you’re working on and support one another’s work. Research has found that having positive enablers and a support network in your life is extremely important to staying motivated and driven. 
  3. Reward yourself when you accomplish something. 
  4. Ask for feedback: Remember that you’re never alone and that someone is always here to look over your work!  While positive feedback can motivate you to continue doing well, constructive criticism can also motivate you to try again and continue to do better.

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