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How do I make a profile on HireBC?

  1. By attending Brooklyn College, Students have access to our Job Posting website, HireBC, powered by Symplicity™. You can log-in by going to portal.brooklyn.edu and clicking on the ‘Career’ tab, or by using this direct link: https://brooklyncollege-csm.symplicity.com/
  2. After logging in, Students are able to access HireBC and start customizing their profile
    1. Students should have a professional headshot or photo. These can be useful for making a LinkedIn Profile or sharing a professional photo for a new job/program
  3. Craft a Personal Statement! This can be directly from your Summary on your resume.
    1. Make sure you upload your Resume to HireBC for review by Magner Staff. You can also schedule an appointment for assistance on making a resume.
  4. List your academic history.
  5. List any relevant or important projects you have worked on.
  6. List activities or organizations you partake in

Students can also schedule an appointment for more assistance.

You can also watch our video for an example of a complete profile:

YouTube player

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