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Getting Started with WebCentral

What is WebCentral?

WebCentral is a portal for Brooklyn College information, web applications, and services. You can use WebCentral to access personal information, services and complete a variety of common online transactions, such as your class schedule, grades, WiFi credentials, managing your communication preferencessubmit course evaluationsvote in student government electionsscheduling advisement appointments, and more.

How do I access WebCentral?

Go to https://portal.brooklyn.edu and sign in using your WebCentral ID and password.

What is my WebCentral ID?

You choose your own WebCentral ID when first creating your account on WebCentral. If you already created a WebCentral ID, see, I forgot my WebCentral ID.

What is my WebCentral password?

You select your WebCentral ID when first creating your account on WebCentral. If you don’t remember your password, see, I forgot my WebCentral password.

What is the difference between WebCentral and CUNYfirst?

WebCentral is local to Brooklyn College and includes information, transactions, and services specific to Brooklyn College only. WebCentral uses a local username and password, known as your WebCentral ID. CUNYfirst is the central sytem used for course registration, viewing financial aid information, paying tuition, and more. CUNYfirst is used by all CUNY colleges. Learn more about CUNYfirst and your CUNY Login.

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