BC Feedback

What is BC Feedback?

BC Feedback is the online tool used by students to submit end-of-semester course evaluations.

How do I access BC Feedback?

BC Feedback is available in WebCentral towards the end of each semester. BC Feedback will appear as a separate tab, before your Home tab, when you first sign in.

BC Feedback sample screen.

Why doesn’t the BC Feedback status screen show that I evaluated a course right after I submit it?

Your status screen updates every evening and should reflect your completed evaluations by the following business day.

How can I be sure that I won’t be penalized for my opinions and feedback?

Evaluations are completely anonymous. The only information connected to you is whether you have evaluated specific courses – not what you said in your evaluation. Also, faculty will not have access to the ratings until after the whole evaluation/grading period is over.

What happens after I evaluate ALL of my courses?

  • Within one day, any grades submitted by your instructors will be posted to your transcript and Degree progress. If you have enrolled in e-Grades, you will receive the usual emails with the grades. The same will occur for any subsequent grades submitted by instructors thereafter.
  • You will be automatically entered into the prize raffles
  • You will no longer be presented with the BC Feedback tab when you log into BC WebCentral.
  • You will have early access before the program change deadline, to view the results of this term’s BC Feedback survey

How do I benefit from completing my course evaluations?

  • A chance to be added to the “Upper Senior” registration group for the upcoming registration period!
  • Priority notification of your course grades — in some instances up to nine days before grades are posted.
  • Early access to your fellow students’ ratings about their courses in time for schedule changes.
  • The chance to play an important role in enhancing academic excellence at Brooklyn College.
  • Your feedback will help your peers.

When will the raffle prizes be awarded?

Raffle prizes will be awarded within one month after the evaluation period.

How do I view the feedback information I and my peers have submitted?

BC Feedback Reports are available on the Academics Tab and also include many prior terms. Students who have completed 100% of their current term evaluations will have access to this term’s results soon after the evaluation period ends. Others will not have access to this term’s results until much later.

I evaluated the wrong professor. What should I do?

Please contact us at portal@brooklyn.cuny.edu for assistance. Since your feedback is anonymous, we will need to know the professor’s name, the date/time submitted and a few keywords from your feedback in order to remove the evaluation. You can also enter the professor’s name when submitting your anonymous evaluation to help us proactively find wrong evaluations.

Can I see overall evaluations for my entire course and other courses?

Yes. Students who submit 100% of their evaluations for the current term gain early access to the feedback reports for that term. Results are typically posted in WebCentral a few weeks after the end of the evaluation period. Review BC Feedback Reports.

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