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What are other Brooklyn College Offices that can assist with career related services?

The Magner Career Center is here to help you with services and tools that are designed to help you succeed in the professional world. However, there are also other offices that can help you if you find yourself with a particular need. Students should reach out to any services and offices in Brooklyn College that may be applicable for their needs.

Choosing a Major or Advisory on Academic Concerns:
Center for Academic Advisement and Student Success
(CAASS): (718)-951-5471:
CAASS is available for Students who are undecided on academic matters, especially concerns like deciding on a major, getting academic credit from an internship, and assistance for planning coursework relevant to your professional goals. We advise all students to speak with CAASS and the Magner Center early in their time at Brooklyn College. The sooner Students connect with the right resources, the more likely they will yield effective results for their professional career earlier.


Assistance for Students with Disabilities:
CUNY Leads: (718)-951-5538 
If you are registered with the disabilities office, or you think you may have a disability, or are not sure if you have a disability or you are receiving accommodations in your classes, you may want to consider participating in CUNY Leads. CUNY Leads has two staff members that provide career support and job placement assistance. Please E-mail the Center for Student Disability Services for assistance. Students with a disability who have not yet registered with the center should send an e-mail to schedule a telephonic interview.



Assistance for Students and Mental Health Needs:
Personal Counseling Office:
Personal Counseling office hosts workshops on stress/time management and can help you if you are feeling anxious about the job search or an upcoming interview.  The office will continue to help assisting students through email and virtual meetings. https://www.brooklyn.edu/dosa/health-and-wellness/personal-counseling/

Assistance for Students with auditory/speech impairments:
The DRD Speech-Language Hearing Center at Brooklyn College provides support to BC students with speech, language, voice, and/or hearing difficulty in order to optimize skills to meet course and career goals” If more is desired, we can expand it further. Our website is www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/slhc.

For Internet Access, Printing, and Online resources:
Library: library.brooklyn.cuny.edu
The Library hosts online and in-person workshops during the semester on various tech software such as Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, and more that can help build skills you can list on your resume. Library workshop calendar

Peer Tutoring Resources:
Learning Center: lc@brooklyn.cuny.edu

The Learning Center can review your cover letter, resume, or a career-related document such as an essay for an internship or a competitive career program. This is useful for people who need assistance with grammar. Students are encouraged to have their resumes checked by the Learning Center, and then bringing it to the Magner Center for a comprehensive review to tailor it to their professional desire. The Learning Center is continuing its online services through scheduled Zoom meetings. https://www.brooklyn.edu/lc/

For Students Who are Undocumented:
Please read the linked page for connection to the Immigrant Student Success Office, as well as other resources for your career needs.

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