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How can I stay organized while working?

Staying organized is crucial for maintaining productivity, efficiently managing time, and being on top of important assignments and tasks. This comes in various forms like dedicating time for different tasks and projects, using resources to plan and track your progress, and setting a clear goal for your work.

Here are some tips on how to stay organized:

  • Keep an agenda or planner
    • Writing down important dates (i.e, for meetings, or deadlines) will be helpful so you are aware of them as they near
  • Track your progress
    • Keep a list of tasks you are working, and mark down any that you have completed
  • Create a to-do list
    • Organizing your tasks based on their urgency will be helpful to prioritize and complete the most important things on your agenda
  • Limit distractions and keep a clean environment
    • Make sure to file things away if you are able to. Try your best to keep busy and avoid getting off-task so you can complete all your work

Here are some practical ways to stay organized, using the resources you will likely already be using while working:

  • Create folders in your email. This can help you categorize items and keep your Inbox tidy. It will also help you in replying back to the important communications you may get while working.
  • Schedule appointments or meetings using the Calendar function of your email.
  • Bookmark essential/important pages on your web browser or Desktop so you are able to access them easily as you need them.

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